Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 planned workshops have been postponed until further notice.

 Planned workshops:

  • BCRC is in consultation with donor regarding possible on line workshops.
  • Waste management in the Circular Economy
  • Transboundary movement of the Hazardous waste

 The centre has recently organised on-line:

  • final national and international meeting to the project on reporting and SG in Moldova (JUne/July 2020)
  • final meeting to the project on strengthening of the legislation for the e-waste in Belarus and Georgia (August 2020)
  • three on line trainings for different national stakeholders in the Slovak Aid programme in Moldova (July/August 2020)

The centre has recently attended actively:

  • kick off meeting and HLAB for STRiKE project including regular monthly meetings
  • regular monthly WasteForce project meetings
  • 12 th meeting of the Open Ended Working GRoup (OEWG12); September 2020
  • annual joint meeting of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions regional centres; September/October 2020
  • 4th meeting of Expert Working group on revision of Annexes of the Basel Convention; October 2020
  • on line trainings and webinars

Projects in realization:

The PRELIMINARY call for the Implementig agency in Albania and Belarus for the project :
"Initial assessment and capacity building in order to develop national ESM strategies on plastic waste and to prevent and minimize its generation in seven selected countries of CEE region".

The project "Pilot implementation of specific public procurement criteria focused on prevention and minimisation of plastic waste in Albania" has been selected for funding

  • Projects coordinated by BCRC:
    • Support to enforcement of waste legislation in Republic of Moldova
    • Enhancing Capacities for Data Collection for the National Reporting under the Basel and Stockholm Conventions, Import Responses under the Rotterdam Convention and SDGs in Moldova 
  • BCRC as a partner in projects:
    • STrIKE - Stronger Training and Increased Knowledge for better Enforcement against Waste & Mercury
    • WastEForCe -Waste Enforcement Forensics and Capacity Building Waste Force 


Newsletter: "Basel Convention Regional Centre Slovakia between two Basel Convention COPs (COP13 – COP14)"